How To Bet On Awards Shows

If you like online betting and want to be part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Awards Betting odds are just what you have been looking for. Every other month, the media is pumped and getting ready to celebrate yet another awards show. The red carpet gets laid and all of Hollywood shows up for what is expected to be the biggest party of the year. Now online bettors can be part of the excitement by placing wagers on award shows, using entertainment betting odds found at online sportsbooks. From the Grammy's to Oscars and everything in between, betting on awards shows will keep you in tune with upcoming hollywood events.

Any competition that has a pool of contestants and a final winner is a possibility for betting. Awards shows are just like big championship events in sports, with TV shows, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists gathered to see who will be given an award for their performance. Because award shows are an annual occurrence, it's common to find awards show odds at online sportsbooks. Here's a look at betting on awards shows at Internet sports betting sites.

What's Coming Up Soon?

The 63rd Grammys - March 14, 2021 - Every year, the best recording artists, composers, and writers gather at the prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony. The annual event has been held every year since 1959, and it is one of the highest honors that those in the music industry can receive. While you are sure to see big names in the industry at the event, there will also be fresh musical talents gracing the stage and the nominations screen. Every year that the Grammys air, there are more and more betting opportunities for bettors to get in on. While every nominee is on pins and needles to learn if they have won a coveted Grammy, bookmakers are posting betting odds on the night’s most popular nomination categories. With the increasing popularity of betting on the Grammys, online oddsmakers have started to post more and more Grammy betting odds.

Awards Shows to Bet On

The number of awards shows you have to bet on is nearly endless, if you consider music, film, and literary awards around the entire world. Let's take a look at the most popular awards shows for online sportsbooks to lay odds on. If you watch these shows and think you have some insight into their outcomes, you can go head-to-head with online sportsbook oddsmakers to win cash based on your hunch about a movie or album you loved.

Odds For The Grammys - The event of the year for the music business is the Grammys. Awards are given in dozens of categories to a wide variety of musicians, and the show is peppered with live performances and broadcasts. The Grammys get a huge TV audience worldwide, so it's no surprise that online betting sites offer Grammy lines as soon as the nominees are announced.

Odds For The Oscars - The Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, are probably the biggest awards show for movies in all of the Western hemisphere. The Oscars are usually the most-watched awards shows of the year, and entertainment betting odds take advantage of that popularity by providing odds on even the most obscure awards. Prop bets galore exist in Oscars betting, including bets on who will wear what dress, which movie will win the most or the least awards, and other exotic bets to keep the Oscars interesting.

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Odds For The Emmys - The Emmys are to Television what the Oscars are to Hollywood. A vast number of Emmy awards are given out every year in dozens of categories, which gives bettors a lot of variety in the way they bet on this particular award show. The Emmys allow for lots of prop bets between various actors and other artists.

Odds For The VMAs - MTV's popular Video Music Awards are like an alternative to the Grammys, the music industry's best-known and more established awards show. MTV's VMA's get huge viewership, thanks to the fact that they often include controversial or massively popular celebs and a show targeted to a younger audience. Betting options for MTV's Video Music Awards range from straight up outcome bets to props and other exotics.

Odds For The Golden Globes - The Golden Globe awards are a sort of hybrid of the Emmys and the Oscars. The Golden Globe awards show happens before the Oscars and is often a way for Academy Award bettors to gauge the pulse of Oscar betting. Golden Globes are prestigious, but not quite as much as the Oscars or the Grammys. It is a bit harder to find Golden Globes bets online, but many of the bigger sportsbook offer bets on these multi-industry awards.

Odds For The Tonys - Probably the most obscure major award in the entertainment industry is the Tony. Tony Awards are for Broadway and theatrical performances; since fewer people go to live theater than go to movies or buy music, the Tonys don't get much publicity. But you can still find lots of betting opportunities for the Tony Awards at the world's top online sports and entertainment betting sites.

Best Sites For Wagering On Awards Shows
Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada - Has Awards Shows Odds Up As The Event Draws Near For Every Major Show - Most USA Accepted

Bovada was designed for American bettors who sometimes have a hard time finding a legal and safe way to deposit funds to online sportsbook accounts. Bovada has a full lineup of awards show odds, year-round, thanks to a huge demand for this type of bet from Americans. Your first deposit at Bovada is eligible for a 50% match up to $250 on all sports and entertainment bets. Since the site is designed with US bettors in mind, Americans who want to bet on awards shows should give Bovada a look.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline - Bet On Your Favorite Award Shows

If you don't live in the United States, the site with the most available entertainment / awards show bets is BetOnline. Unfortunately, BetOnline is open to bets from the USA. But awards shows in America are prime betting time, even for customers who live outside the USA. The number of bets available to entertainment and awards show fans at BetOnline is as good as you'll find among non- American facing books.

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Types Of Award Show Wagering Lines

The two main ways of betting on award shows are very similar to sports betting options. You can bet straight up on a particular performer or movie to win or you can place prop or exotic bets on more intricate details. Sportsbooks are used to setting up exotic bets, such as which team will get more penalties in soccer or who will get the tip at the start of the two halves in an NBA game.

Odds to Win Different Awards - Awards shows available for betting at online books come in many flavors. The most popular way to bet on awards shows is a straight up wager for a performer or film to win an award outright. Oddsmakers handicap the awards shows just like they would a sporting event, offering long odds for longshots and lower payouts for the films, plays, songs, and other pieces of art they think will when.

Prop Betting Odds For Awards Shows - Prop betting in award shows is particularly enjoyable because there are just so many variables. Almost every awards show features a prominent moment where celebrities "walk the red carpet" on their way into the venue; it's common to see prop bets on who will have a wardrobe malfunction, who will come single, etc. You can also place bets on things like which artist, movie, or play will win the most awards, and there are even head-to-head bets available for performers or movies nominated for multiple awards. Prop bets are a big part of the awards show betting industry.