Beauty Pageant Betting Odds

Who ever said that online betting was just for sports fans? Beauty Pageant betting odds have become one of the most sought after betting categories online, and our site will put you dead center of all the pageant action. It is easy for online gambling sites to grab the attention of men through sports betting, but what would you say if we told you that men have found themselves just as drawn to entertainment betting odds, as they are other gambling categories. When you put brains and beauty, in a swim suit on stage, it is hard not to watch, but when you increase the interest by adding entertainment betting odds on the pageant, the likability just doubled. There are a number of annual beauty pageant events held sporadically throughout the year, and now online bettors can get in on the action through online betting odds for beauty pageants.

Nationally and internationally-televised beauty pageants get huge TV audiences. Since a beauty pageant is a competition, producing winners in a ranked order, it should come as no surprise that oddsmakers often spend time handicapping beauty pageants. Let's take a look at beauty pageant bets, how they work, how you place them, and the best places to find odds on pageants.

Latest Pageant - Miss Universe

Venezuelan television presenter Maria Gabriela Isler took home the crown at the Miss Universe 2013 competition, beating out 86 opponents in the two-hour televised event on Nov. 9. Airing from Russia, Isler and her peers competed in the pageant's traditional format before the judges narrowed down the competition to the top 16. Followed by a bikini round, the final 10 women then took part in the evening gown portion.

Isler exceled in each round, making it through the interview round before she was officially declared 2013's Miss Universe by a judging panel that included Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and gold medalist Tara Lipinski. At the close of the NBC event, Olivia Culpo of the United States passed down the famous crown to the 25-year old winner. Isler's win is the seventh for Venezuela in the past 5 years.

Currently, there are no betting odds for a pageant. We are still several months away before the next one which will be Miss America on September 14th, 2014 from Atlantic City. For the latest updates, check back here in the time leading up to the start of the three big pageants in the U.S.

Which Beauty Pageant Can Be Wagered On?

There are thousands of beauty pageants all over the world every year, but oddsmakers tend to concentrate on the bigger pageants, those shows that millions of people watch around the world. The world's biggest pageants sometimes have betting odds, such as the Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageants.

Miss America Betting Odds - Miss America is one of the world's most popular pageants. The Miss America contest hands out scholarships to its winners, big money awards to the college of their choice. Miss America winners often go on to careers in the entertainment industry, thanks to the big stage the Miss America pageant occupies. Bets on Miss America are popular since there are only 50 or so competitors, and most people have access to the TV broadcast of the show.

Miss Universe Betting Odds - The Miss Universe pageant is not as popular on TV as Miss America, but it still has a huge following. Miss Universe is a Donald Trump property, and is broadcast all over the world each year. Bets on Miss Universe are popular around the world, because the pageant's contestants come from all over the world.

Miss USA Betting Odds - The Miss USA pageant determines who will represent the United States at Donald Trump's Miss Universe pageant. It's another beauty pageant with a strong TV following, and it's common for online entertainment betting sites to offer odds and payouts on Miss USA Bets.

Current Miss USA 2013 Odds (found @ BetOnline on 06/05/13) - Click To Bet
  • Florida +650
  • Virginia +1000
  • Connecticut +1000
  • New Jersey +1000
  • Utah +1200
  • Ohio +1200
  • Alabama +1200
  • South Carolina +1200
  • Texas +1500
  • Oklahoma +1500
  • Maryland +1800
  • Illinois +2000
  • Oregon +2000
  • Nevada +2500
  • Minnesota +2500
  • New Hampshire +2500
  • Kentucky +2800
  • Arkansas +2800
  • Delaware +3300
  • Michigan +3300
  • District of Columbia +3300
  • California +3300
  • Louisiana +3300
  • Tennessee +4000
  • Arizona +4000
  • Vermont +4000
  • Wisconsin +4000
  • New Mexico +4000
  • Maine +4000
  • North Carolina +5000
  • Washington +5000
  • Rhode Island +5000
  • Massachusetts +5000
  • West Virginia +5000
  • Idaho +5000
  • North Dakota +5000
  • New York +5000
  • Colorado +6600
  • Pennsylvania +6600
  • South Dakota +6600
  • Missouri +6600
  • Indiana +6600
  • Hawaii +8000
  • Kansas +8000
  • Mississippi +8000
  • Nebraska +8000
  • Georgia +8000
  • Wyoming +8000
  • Iowa +10000
  • Alaska +10000
  • Montana +15000
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Types of Betting Odds For Beauty Pageants

Like any betting sport, there are different types of odds for beauty pageants: both straight-up bets (known as "odds to win") and exotic or prop bets are available. Here's a brief look at the ways punters can lay money down on beauty pageants.

Odds to Win Pageants- The most popular bets on beauty pageants come in the realm of odds to win - a sportsbook handicaps the participants in a beauty pageant and gives each of them odds to win. This is similar to a straight-up wager on any sport in which you pick the likely winner of the contest based on odds put together by an oddsmaker.

Pageant Prop Odds - Props or exotic bets on beauty pageants can be anything, from which contestants will reach the finals, the region of the country where the eventual winner comes from, and whether or not a given contestant will have a makeup or clothing malfunction. Prop bets vary from one betting site to another , so check out a site's lineup of prop bets before you decide where to lay your beauty pageant bets.