Stock Market Betting Odds

Some people say that the stock market is little more than high-brow gambling. In the case of stock market and financials betting at online sportsbooks, stocks are used for gambling. You can literally place wagers on the values of various financial properties, usually over a specific period of time.

Think of stock market/financial gambling as investing in the stock market without the need for a broker, where you can earn money even if a stock loses value by betting on that stock to lose. Financial and stock market betting is exciting for bettors who love numbers and think they know enough about business to get ahead of the oddsmakers.

Current Betting Odds Relating To The Stock Market

There are currently no stock market or business props that have payouts attached to them. If and when they are formed for a current event we will be all over them! We scower the betting sites each day for new lines relating to the business world, though sometimes there just aren't any formed.

Markets That Can Be Wagered On

There are dozens of major world currency markets you can bet on, though not every country's financial market is available at online financials betting sites. Here's a look at the different markets you'll be able to place wagers on when you bet at a financials and stock exchange gambling website.

NYSE (Wall Street) Betting Odds - The New York Stock Exchange is one of the busiest and best-known such financial markets in the world, with billions of dollars in trades occurring daily. Sometimes called Wall Street, the American financial market has plenty of betting options, thanks to a huge pool of American companies that hold stock.

NASDAQ Betting Odds - The NASDAQ is an alternative financial market for Americans besides the standard NYSE Wall Street marklet. The NASDAQ is the second-largest financial market in the world, after the NYSE, and is also a popular betting option at financials betting websites.

Tokyo Market Betting Odds, TSE - Asian markets have a huge impact on the NYSE and thus on all of the world's markets. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the busiest in the world, and you'll find plenty of wagering opportunities for stocks on the TSE at online financials wagering sites.

London Market Betting Odds, LSE - The London Stock Exchange is the UK's version of Wall Street. Though it is much smaller than the New York financial market, UK gamblers have made betting on the LSE big business, thanks to a culture of gambling countries in the United Kingdom.

FTSE 100 Betting Odds - The FTSE 100 (known colloquially as the "Footsy") is an index of 100 stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is used, alongside the DOW Jones Industrial Average, as a gauge of the world economy, and provides plenty of different types of bets for the online financials gambler.

Best Sites For Wagering On Markets

BetOnline - Get The Latest Market Odds From Around The World Up To Date At BetOnline- USA Bettors Allowed To Wager

Probably the best-known and most respected online sportsbook that offers financial betting is BetOnline. They have the widest options for betting on a huge variety of financial products, from stocks and bonds to real property and even currency trading. BetOnline is not open to the US market as of this writing, but trading on American financial products are among the most popular of their features, so those looking to gamble on world finance should check out BetOnline and their massive financials betting section.

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Types of Financial Betting Odds

Because the stock market and financial betting market is so huge, it's difficult to break it down by types of betting odds. Let's look at a few of the more familiar and popular ways to bet on world financials.

Up or Down Odds - This name is exactly what it implies. An up or down bet is a wager that a stock or other financial product will go up or down in value. If you think news about a company's lowered profit expectations for the next quarter means its stock will lose value, you'd place a down wager on that stock, for a set period of time, and collect if the stock was down at the time of your bet's ending. These up or down betting odds even go across into sports during times of the year. For example, the day after the Super Bowl is a popular day for online sportsbooks to form wagers on how the Dow Jones will perform. For Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, the market finishing up for that Monday is installed as the favorite.

Range Odds - Besides betting on the ups and downs of particular financial products, you can also place slightly safer bets on different ranges a stock may finish in for a given period of time. These bets generally pay out lower amounts, thanks to the fact that they're a bit easier to win. You wager on if a stock will be between, say, 45 and 50 on a given day, and collect if the stock performs the way you said it would.

5 Minute Betting Odds- One of the fastest turnaround times of any sports, entertainment, or any other online betting option is the 5 minute stock market bet. This is a bet about the value of a stock or financial product five minutes from the time you place the bet, whether it's value goes up, down, or stays the same. Ideal for gamblers who like a quick result, but want to get into the exciting world of financials betting.

Hourly Odds - Similar to the 5 minute bet, except that these wagers are placed on where a stock will land in exactly one hour. This is a more conservative bet, but not necessarily any easier to win, since so many forces act on financial products like stocks.

Daily Betting Odds - Like the 5 minute and Hourly bet, a Daily bet is a wager on the performance of a stock over the next 24 hours. Daily wagers are even more conservative than hourly bets, and take longer to pay off, but again because of so much variance in the markets, it's just as hard to predict the 24 hour performance of a stock as it is to guess where it will be five minutes from now.