Betting Odds For X-Factor

When reality TV programming became popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, it was only a matter of time before sportsbooks started offering gambling odds on the world's most popular reality shows. Entertainment betting, as these types of wager are known, involves forming odds for the likelihood of different show's winners, and, just like with sports betting, occasionally releasing prop bet odds and wagers on other aspects of the show. On this page, we are going to talk about the various ways of betting on X Factor USA, explain the different betting types available to fans of the show, and help you find where to place the bets at the best entertainment wagering sites online.

X Factor USA Season 4 Betting Odds & Latest News

The Fox network has announced the cancellation of The X Factor. The network made the decision following creator Simon Cowell's plans to return to the UK version of the show. The show's poor ratings also factored into Fox's decision not to pick-up a fourth season of the singing competition, as well as the constant rotation of judges and behind the scenes drama. Cowell still plans to executive produce the NBC summer series America's Got Talent, but will be taking a break from US television for now. As shared by Deadline, Fox planned the development of several scripted series in anticipation of The X Factor's possible cancellation..

How To Wager On X Factor

Odds to Win X Factor - The kind of odds offered on X Factor are similar to wagering types for other reality shows. Because X Factor's format is so familiar, wagering types for the show are equally familiar. X Factor USA odds are available usually immediately after the first show, once a site's handicappers have determined who the likely winners are, picked out a few underdogs, and released their opinions on who is most likely to take home the X Factor title. Most wagering on X Factor involves betting on specific contestants to win.

Prop Odds for X Factor - But as is the case in sports betting, there are bets for X Factor that involve things besides the overall winner of the show. Prop bets for X Factor USA involve everything from head-to-head bets, based on the performance of competitors on the show from week to week, to bets on which judge will vote for which singer. Basically, prop bets for X Factor are just like prop bets in sports - anything you can wager on besides who will be the overall winner of the show is available to fans of X Factor betting.

Online Sportsbooks That Betting Odds For X Factor

Online sportsbooks are jumping into the entertainment betting scene with both feet. Since you have more options than ever in terms of which online books to place your X Factor USA bets with, we've gone through the list and picked out only those sites that make the best offers to X Factor fans. The sites below have the best options for people who want to place bets on this popular reality TV contest show.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada - Offers Odds For X-Factor Long Before Other Sportsbooks Plus Has A 50% To $250 First Deposit Bonus

Designed for entertainment and sports bettors in the USA, Bovada has a huge lineup of wagering options for fans of reality TV. Americans love shows like X-Factor, even though the show's US incarnation has only been around for a single season, and Bovada gives them lots of ways to bet on the contest. Your first deposit at Bovada is eligible for a 50% deposit match worth up to $250, so take advantage of this sportsbook's wide range of X Factor bets and make a deposit today . . . Bovada's deposit bonus can make your betting bankroll even bigger.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline - Bet On Everything From Winning Singer/Group To Which Judge Will Coach The Winners Here

Known more as a sports betting site than for their entertainment betting lines, BetOnline has as big a lineup of reality TV bets as any other site online, and easily the best deposit bonus system for sports and entertainment bettors. All of your deposits at BetOnline are eligible for a 25% deposit match up to $900 the entire time that you are a member, meaning you aren't just rewarded for your first "welcome" deposit. This is great because with X Factor being as popular as it is, there are going to be many more seasons of betting on X-Factor with that bonus.

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About X Factor USA

X Factor has been on for years in the UK and other parts of the world; only recently has American TV embraced Simon Cowell's competition for American Idol, a show which he created and eventually abandoned. The $5 million recording contract with Epic Records that the show offers its winner is a big draw, though it's important to point out that X Factor USA is not just for singers, but performers in general, open to individuals, groups, and the young and old alike. With a second season set to premiere in the United States in the middle of September, entertainment bettors are lining up ready to lay down money on who they think will be the show's ultimate winner.

X Factor USA Judges

The second season of X Factor will feature two new judges, which means the show will be judged by a rather eccentric group, including media mogul Simon Cowell, platinum recording artist Britney Spears, and musical icons Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid. Paula Abdul famously left the show after further disagreements with Simon Cowell, who she clashed with before on the set of American Idol.

Past Winners - X Factor USA

X Factor in America has two past winnesr: In the first season year, Melanie Amaro wowed the judges with her vocal talents and signed a record deal worth millions of dollars with Epic Records. Though she has yet to release her first record, Amaro did win the Teen Choice Award for best female reality star, and the release of her album is heavily anticipated. The deal she signed with Epic was worth millions in and of itself, but the terms of the deal allowed her to sign another contract with a smaller company, Syco Music, so she was able to turn her X Factor USA win into a multiple contract recording career.

Tate Stevens was the second winner of the X Factor, winning Season 2 on December 20th, 2012. He secured a $5 million deal with Syco Music and RCA Records Nashville. Stevens is a country talent with a fantastic voice. His debut single titled "Holler If You're With Me" has gone on to be one of the most popular songs in 2013, including on a Pepsi commercial airing during the Grammys.

  • Season 1: Melanie Amaro
  • Season 2: Tate Stevens
  • Season 3: Alex & Sierra