Odds For Betting On Politics

There are few events that can bring a nation together in front of the TV like The Super Bowl can every year in February. But every four years a presidential election rolls around, and families take the time to come together in their respective living rooms to find out who the next President-Elect will be. And while that single night in early November brings families together, nothing can be more divisive than the period of time leading up to those events. Just as football season can cause rifts between friends, so too can the presidential political season. Every political season comes with its own controversy and scandal, but this year has been more tumultuous than most. From political powerhouse Hillary Rodham Clinton perennially under the threat of indictment to mud-slinging Reality TV star Donald Trump taking home the GOP nomination, 2016 has proven to be one of the most divisive election years to date.

It seems everywhere one goes these days, it is almost impossible not to hear about the newest outrageous thing one of the candidates did or said. Most people agree that talking about politics while in polite company is bad manners, but during an election year, it seems that people are more willing to throw etiquette out the window. If there’s one thing that can make dinner table discussion over whether or not global warming is real (spoiler alert, it is) bearable, it's being able to place bets on who’s going to make a bigger ass of themselves before the election is over. For those unendurable Sunday night round tables, or those prolonged family get-togethers where everyone has suddenly become a political expert despite the fact that they can’t name their own state senator, sites like Bovada and BetOnline have you covered, with the most up to date political odds. The greatest thing about betting on a candidate is that you don’t have to agree with them – you just have to weigh the odds on whether or not they’re going to say something stupid. And with these candidates, you won’t have to wait long for those bets to pay off.

Different Political Races You Can Wager On

Although the US presidential election is the biggest political event that people bet on, online sportsbooks have odds for many other political races as well. These include races for the Senate, Congress, mayor, and a whole lot more. You can even bet on political races for other countries, such as Chancellor of Germany or Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The point is that if you are a political junkie and love to bet, you do not have to wait every four years to win money. There are some terrific online sportsbooks out there have betting odds for all kinds of political races.

Latest Political Betting Odds

Political junkies rejoice - the national conventions have convened and we have our democratic and republican candidates. There was no shortage of scandal during the DNC, with a major WikiLeaks release pulling back the curtain on alleged favoritism within the committee and the intended sabotage of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton still came out on top, even with her own private email server investigation underway and the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. These days the name Donald J. Trump is synonymous with controversy and spectacle, but the contentious candidate was named the official GOP nominee on July 21st.

The First Presidential Debate will be held September 26th, and we expect the event to be full of twists and turns with such an eclectic duo going head to head. As the event nears, more and more odds are popping up across online sportsbooks. The 2016 U.S Presidential election will take place on Nov. 8th but there are plenty of props to put your money on now. Currently, the Democratic Party is favored to win the presidential election with odds at -215, while the Republican Party has +175 odds. Thae Democratic Parties numbers have dropped slightly in the last few weeks and that could possibly be contributed to Hillary Clinton’s recent medical scare. After a 9/11 memorial service in New York, Clinton appeared to faint while walking to her SUV to leave. The cause is believed to be a combination of the heat and pneumonia. Though she has since been quoted as saying she feels “much better” and even released her medical records to the public, the next day, it did slightly decrease her odds. Donald Trump followed suit after Hillary as he appeared on the Dr. Oz show and released his medical records as well to assure would-be voters that he is healthy and even said he feels “as good today as he I did while I was 30”. Mind you, Donald Trump is 70 years old and would be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office.

With health concerns looming and the slim possibility of Hillary Clinton’s indictment, two democratic politicians are still alive, according to the odds. Former democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, and current vice president Joe Biden (though they are technically not in the running) have gained ground in the polls and in the unlikely event that Hillary has to step down from her position, these will be the two vying for the vacancy. In late July, Biden saw his odds set at +8000 and they have shot up since then. He now sits at +2000 and is a real threat if Clinton needs to be replaced. Though Bernie Sanders’ odds have been stagnant at +2500, he is also still very much in that same argument.

With so much activity and the first presidential debate right around the corner, we can expect an even larger range of odds to appear as the major topics of discussion are revealed. As sportsbooks start opening more betting lines, you may find yourself trying to beat the spread on electoral votes or checking the betting odds for winning specific states. If we can expect anything from these candidates, it’s the unexpected. As we get closer to the election, it will be interesting to see how new scandals and unpredictable events impact the odds of the political candidates and their respective parties. Lines can move on a daily basis, so be sure to keep up by checking out sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline for the latest.

Current Political Betting Odds As Found On Bovada
Best Sites For Betting On The Next Election

If you are looking for a place where you can wager on the 2016 presidential election, we can suggest some great online sportsbooks that have presidential betting odds. Each of these sites is safe and legal, and features some of the very latest technological innovations that will make your bets easy, fun, and convenient. These sites offer great odds, fast payouts, and bonuses that will save you piles of cash. All of the online sportsbooks listed below have a gaming license, so you do not have to worry about any of these sites being sketchy or shady.

Bovada Sportsbook

Stay one step ahead of the latest political betting odds by joining Bovada. This popular and respected online sportsbook is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to accurate odds. In fact, they are so good that many other sites get their odds from Bovada. In addition, they are usually one of the very first sportsbooks to post the latest political betting odds. These include which party will win the general election, who will be the next president, and who will be the nominee for each party. Bovada makes betting easy and fun, and they offer great bonuses to boot!

If you have not signed up yet, now is the perfect time. The 2016 presidential election is fast approaching, and it’s looking to be a doozy. You can even get a free 50 percent Welcome Bonus on your first deposit when you join. It’s basically free money, and it’s your for the taking as long as you satisfy the 5x rollover requirement, which shouldn’t be too difficult. To receive you free Welcome Bonus, send Bovada the correct promo code along with your deposit, which can be as much as $250. Do not wait until Election Day, join now and get a leg up on the competition.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Great online sportsbooks with great political betting odds do not come down the pike very often. That is why we are so excited about BetOnline. They already have the odds posted for the 2016 presidential election. You can join right this minute and bet on who will become the next President of the United States. Not all online sportsbooks offer political betting odds, which is one of the things that makes BetOnline so exciting. In fact, there are so many exciting things going on at BetOnline that to tell you about all of them would take up too much space. But let’s look at just a few of the things that make BetOnline so great.

First of all, their odds are spot-on. As the presidential election heats up, the odds will change frequently. It is still relatively early in the race, and once the debates get under way, you can expect the odds to fluctuate wildly. BetOnline’s expert oddsmakers spend countless hours formulating the odds, which are posted as soon as they are ready. Secondly, BetOnline has great member benefits like mobile betting, which gives you access to the latest political betting odds from your mobile device. One more thing: BetOnline provides plenty of great ways to deposit money into your count, everything from credit/debit card to Bitcoin. So hurry on over to BetOnline, and check out all the amazing benefits of this one-of-a-kind sports betting site.

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Types of Political Betting Odds

There are all kinds of different ways to bet on politics and take advantage of entertainment betting odds. The most popular types of political bets are which party will win the election, who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees, and of course, who will become the next President of the United States. These are extremely straightforward betting odds, based solely on the outcome of the election. But did you know that you can bet on political events not specifically related to the result of the election? These are called proposition bets, or props. Examples include whether or not a certain Hillary Clinton will win a particular state or which candidate or how many delegates Bernie Sanders will win in California. There is practically no end to the number of different political props you can wager on at an online sportsbook.

How To Read Political Odds

If you are new to the world of betting, the odds might look like Greek to you. Understanding the odds is actually much easier than it seems, much simpler than sports odds, because you do not have to worry about totals or point spreads. When you bet on the presidential race, you will be making a straight moneyline wager, i.e. who will win the election. You will see the name of the candidate with a positive or negative number next to them. A positive number corresponds to the underdog, and a negative number corresponds to the favorite.

A good way to think about moneyline odds is that they simply reflect how much money you will win, plain and simple. Let’s take a look at a few examples. If the straight moneyline odds show Hillary Clinton as a -275 favorite to win the presidency, it simply means that if you bet $275 on her and she wins, you will win $100. On the other hand, if the moneyline odds show Donald Trump as a +250 underdog, what this is telling you is that if Trump wins, you will win $250 for every $100 that you bet. Keep in mind that the favorite will have better odds but a lower payout, and the underdog will have worse odds but a higher payout.