Betting Odds For Reality TV Shows

It comes as no surprise that you can find Reality TV betting odds on all your favorite reality series, seeing is how America is having a love affair with reality television. Something about reality television draws the attention of viewers and it is not the superb acting that we get from the cast and crew. While most of the scenes found on reality series are said to be "reality" the cast is urged to make the situation a little more interesting by over dramatizing what is actually taking place. Whether it is the poor display of acting that is upon us, or the pure interest in what is actually taking place, reality television knows how to keep viewers intrigued and online sportsbooks take it one step further by offering entertainment betting lines on reality tv.

Current Reality Shows

American Idol Season 14 - There are odds to win American Idol currently available for the 14th season. With the competition now into the final 12, individual contestant betting lines can be found updated weekly at Bovada Sportsbook.

The Bachelor Season 18- Monday night January 6th begins the newest season of The Bachelor. Juan Pablo Galavis is the first Latin-lead or The Bachelor. He is a former soccer player and has generated plenty of buzz or the 18th season of the show.

The Voice Season 8 - The 8th season of The Voice will premiered on February 24 in a two-hour time slot on NBC. Betting odds to win The Voice Season 8 willbe available throughout the season, first formed during the finals.

Reality TV Shows To Bet On

With so many Reality TV shows on air, it may be difficult to pick just one to place wagers on. Obviously, you'll have the most betting options if you choose to be on one of the more popular shows. You should also stick to a show that you know something about. For example, if you have training as a singer or an ear for music, you might consider betting on American Idol rather than, say, Dancing with the Stars. Here's a look at each of the most popular TV shows to bet on.

American Idol Betting Odds - American Idol set the stage for every other Reality TV contest show. American Idol premiered without much fanfare, but within a few season it was the most popular show on TV. Betting on American Idol is available at almost all every online sportsbook that features any type of entertainment betting odds, since the show is popular the world around.

The Voice Betting Odds - The Voice is a take-off of American Idol, a singing contest featuring celebrity judges and guests. The purpose of the show is similar to Idol as well; the winner gets a recording contract and a cash prize. The gimmick behind The Voice is that the judges don't see the singers when they audition, judging them by their voice alone, hence the name of the show. Most sportsbooks have caught on to the popularity of The Voice and are offering wagers on it, even though the show is still in its infancy.

America's Got Talent Betting Odds - America's Got Talent offers a unique betting opportunity because it is really the only show of its kind available for online entertaintment and reality TV betting. America's Got Talent is not limited to singers, dancer, or songwriters, but is open to group acts of any type, and the show often features bizarre performers right up to the very end. America's Got Talent has a huge audience, and bets on this reality TV contest are available at all of the world's best books.

X-Factor Betting Odds - X-Factor is another singing contest Reality TV show following the format of American Idol. X-Factor has caught on like wildfire around the world, with franchises of X-Factor for hundreds of different countries. Unfortunately for the show's American fans, it doesn't get great Nielsen ratings and isn't as popular as The Voice or Idol. Still, you can find betting options for X-Factor at some of the world's best sportsbooks.

Dancing With The Stars Betting Odds - Thanks to the widespread popularity of Dancing with the Stars when the show premiered a few years ago, you can place wagers on the outcome of the show and head-to-head contests at most entertainment sportsbooks. Unfortunately, the show is waning in popularity, and a couple of sportsbooks have stopped making odds.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Betting Odds - The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are different from other contest Reality TV programs because there is less competition each week. The show's titular character selects contestants to move on from one week to the next, shedding one, two, or even three contestants each week as the show continues. Many online betting sites offer wagers on who will win The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and some prop bets are even available for weekly head-to-head showdowns between contestants.

Survivor Betting Odds - Survivor is credited with being the reality show that made Reality TV what it is today. The first few seasons of Survivor were so popular that every network suddenly turned toward reality programming. The show is still being filmed and aired though its viewership has leveled off. Still, the show is popular enough on a worldwide scale to convince oddsmakers to form lines for who will win and who will get kicked off the island.

Amazing Race Betting Odds - The Amazing Race is a Survivor knock-off featuring teams of contestants trying to get to a final goal in the shortest amount of time. The Amazing Race never had the huge cult following of Survivor or American Idol, but you can find some entertainment books allowing straight wagers and prop bets on the outcome of Amazing Race.

Big Brother Betting Odds - Part voyeur experience, part reality show, Big Brother was the first Reality TV show to display people's everyday lives as they fought to remain in a house together. As contestants are kicked out of the house, sportsbooks change the odds they made for the show's likely winners and losers. Big Brother betting includes lots of prop bets, such as which cast member will be the first to get in a fight and other exotic wagers. Most entertainment books provide Big Brother wagering opportunities.

Best Sites For Wagering On Reality Television
Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada - #1 For All Wagering On Reality TV Shows: American Idol, DWTS, America's Got Talent, X-Factor, and More... - USA Accepted

If you live in the USA, you should consider placing all your Reality TV bets with Bovada. was designed with the American entertainment and sports bettor in mind; all financial options are acceptable by some portion of the US population, and the site's customer service and software are all in English. Americans sometimes have a hard time place bets on reality television, but Bovada was designed to give Americans their own place to make an entertainment wager.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline - A Great International Sportsbook; Has Every Single Category Available To Wager

BetOnline is an example of an entertainment betting site that is open to USA customers. If you live outside of America, the site with the best options for entertainment and reality TV betting is BetOnline. The site's financial options are geared to customers from around the world, and BetOnline allows reality TV bets on shows from all over the world, not just American television. You'll find a wide variety of both straight and prop entertainment bets at BetOnline.

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Types of Reality TV Betting Odds

As reality television started sweeping the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the ability to gamble on the outcome of reality shows was the next natural step. Many online sportsbooks lay odds on contestants of reality TV contests, handicapping the shows the same way they would a football or baslketball game. Here's a look at all the ways of betting on reality TV.

Odds To Win The Show - The most straightforward bet on Reality TV is a wager laid on one contestant or team's chances to win. Think of these bets as similar to straight bets in sports; you lay down your money on the contestant or contestants that you think will win, and the sportsbook offers you a return on your investment if that contestant wins, based on their reading of the likelihood of that contestant's victory.

Prop Betting Odds For Reality TV Shows - Entertainment and reality TV bets include prop and exotic wagers, just like sports betting. A prop bet is a wager placed on anything besides the outcome of the show itself. This includes head-to-head bets, wherein the performance of one contestant is compared to the performance of another. Prop bets range from the silly to the sublime; you can bet on everything from whether a contestant will have a uniform malfunction to the number of bleeped out words during the broadcast.

Odds For Betting On Judges - One popular prop bet for Reality TV is a bet on one of the show's judges. Reality TV contest shows try to turn their judges into on-screen personalities, and sometimes this gives us entertainment bettors a new thing to wager on. Gamblers can bet on whether a judge will quit after a given season, which judge will give the worst grades, the best grades, etc. Betting on judges in reality TV is a very specific kind of prop bet that TV and entertainment gamblers love.