Betting Odds For American Idol

American Idol was the first of the recent revival in primetime competition and talent shows. Just like with sporting matches, odds are formed for American Idol, both before the season and as the season progresses. In this article, we're going to look at the different odds and ways of betting on America's favorite singing competition show. We'll also show you the best places to bet on American Idol online.

American Idol Season 14 Betting Odds & Latest News

Scott Borchetta, the CEO and President of Big Machine Label Group, will replace mentor Randy Jackson in the upcoming 14th season of American Idol, Fox has announced. As fans will recall, Jackson finally departed the series after more than a decade at the end of season 13. Borchetta is well known for discovering Taylor Swift and signing big name singing stars like The Band Perry, Tim McGraw, Reba, Rascal Flatts and more.

Borchetta’s signing is reportedly due to the Fox series’ strong initiative to discover the next big star while grabbing a stronger viewership for the show that has had shaky ratings over the years. Borchetta has previously appeared on the competition series can You Duet back in 2009. He joins returning judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., and host Ryan Seacrest. American Idol 14 will premiere in a special three hour installment on Fox, January 7.

How To Wager On American Idol

Odds to Win American Idol - American Idol betting comes in a few different forms, with odds presented throughout the Idol season. You can bet on which male is most likely to win, which female is most likely to win, as well as an overall winner even before the show really gets off the ground. As more odds become available, and the show moves through its season, these odds are revised, based on the performance of contestants and taking into account those contestants that are kicked off the show.

American Idol is a special case at most online books that allow Idol bets - the season begins with general odds on who is most likely to win, as well as a lineup of prop bets. As the show progresses specific odds for high-performing contestants are offered. As the field of singers is whittled down, your betting options become limited, and odds go up on fan favorites, while singers who seem less likely to win become cheaper bets. You can bet on American Idol right up to the airing of the show's final.

Prop Odds for American Idol - Just like in the sports wagering industry, you can bet on pop odds for shows like American Idol. Prop bets are any bets that aren't directly related to the outcome of the show. Betting lines are sometimers offered for the performance of judges, such as which judge will be first to vote against the other judges. Sometimes, when American Idol loses a judge, you can even bet on who is most likely to be picked to be the replacement. Prop odds are not always available on TV shows, but with a show as rich in history and competition as American Idol, props are a big part of entertainment betting. Head to head competitions on American Idol are another opportunity for a prop bet - you can wager on which singer will get a bigger audience vote in a head-to-head capacity.

Trusted Betting Sites That Have odds For American Idol - Season 14

Many online sportsbooks offer odds and bets on TV shows, especially reality contest shows like American Idol. We've taken a look at all the sportsbooks on the Internet that offer TV betting odds and found your best options, including only those sites that offer good deposit bonuses for entertainment bettors and plenty of wager styles for TV bets.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada - Often Features Head To Head Betting Odds For American Idol Plus Weekly Odds To Win The Contest

Bovada is the North-American branch of mega gambling site Bodog. When Bodog left the US market a few years ago, it opened Bovada to continue accepting bets from US citizens. When you deposit to make bets on American Idol at Bovada, you can earn a 50% match worth up to $250 on your first deposit. Bovada has a big entertainment betting odds section, including a wide variety of American Idol and other reality bets. As we mentioned above, Bovada commonly is the only sportsbook that offers American Idol head-to-head odds.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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BetOnline is a major player in the worldwide sports betting scene, and their entertainment betting options are numerous. When you sign up for a sports betting account at BetOnline, you get access to American Idol (and other TV show) bets, as well as a 25% deposit match worth up to $900. That offer is good on every deposit for the life of your membership. BetOnline's lineup of props and other wagering forms for American Idol and other reality TV show odds is as extensive as any other online wagering site.

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About American Idol

American Idol ignited a reality contest TV fire that is still going on today. Shows like The Voice, X Factor, and Dancing with the Stars owe everything to Idol's success. It first aired in the summer of 2002, gaining massive Nielsen ratings comparable to the Super Bowl and other major TV events. The show has gone through a long lineup of judges, and produced a number of successful recording careers. American Idol is the gold standard in TV reality contest entertainment, and the show's winners and other contestants get major label support to kick off a career in the recording industry.

American Idol Judges

The Season 13 judges panel for American Idol has a familiar face from last year, a familiar fast from season's past, and one completely new face ready to give his opinion to budding stars. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. occupy the judges seats this season. Urban is the only sitting judge from last season, while Lopez returns for the first time since she was a judge on seasons 10 and 11. She was the first artist to have a No.1 album and No.1 film in the same week. Lopez has experience with many styles of music, which makes her a great selection to be a judge. At the same time while Connick Jr. is new to being a judge, he has helped as a mentor to American Idol contestants in the past. Connick Jr. is an ideal judge for Idol with his background in piano and vocals. He is an arrangement specialist which directly falls into what the contestants on the show try to do each week.

Past Winners - American Idol

The most famous winners of American Idol are no doubt Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, and Carrie Underwood. Of the three, Underwood's record deal has produced the most in terms of album sales; to date she's sold more than 13 million albums worldwide.

What's interesting about American Idol is the fact that often the losing contestants end up releasing albums that perform very well on the Billboard charts. Jennifer Hudson, who took seventh place in the show's third season, has gone on to win both an Oscar and a Grammy.

Here's a list of all twelve American Idol winners by season.

  • Season 1: Kelly Clarkson
  • Season 2: Ruben Studdard
  • Season 3: Fantasia Barrino
  • Season 4: Carrie Underwood
  • Season 5: Taylor Hicks
  • Season 6: Jordin Sparks
  • Season 7: David Cook
  • Season 8: Kris Allen
  • Season 9: Lee DeWyze
  • Season 10: Scotty McCreery
  • Season 11: Phillip Phillips
  • Season 12: Candice Glover
  • Season 13: Caleb Johnson